Villa Punta del Sole Positano

On request

  • Cookery courses on-site or off-site

It is possible to organize cooking classes in the building using the best local chefs, or relying on agencies that offer courses in some of the most renowned restaurants in town.


  • Catering service for guests

    Party TableIt is possible to arrange a lasting service throughout your stay for guests who want to experience the real local cuisine, or simply that they are not going to put his hand in the kitchen. Otherwise you can book an evening with a special chef choosing menus and wines for a memorable dinner.


  • Event organisation81-wedding-planning-and-services

The villa is very spacious and is available for organizing small weddings and/or receptions as small concerts or exhibitions in the open air.


  • Therapeutic sessions of Massage or Yogamassaggio

Villa Punta del Sole is certainly the ideal place for those looking for a vacation to relax. There is nothing better than a relaxing massage done in the shade of the oak trees overlooking the pool, or a morning session of Yoga.


  • Mountain guides and / or archaeological

guide_montaneThe mountainous part of Positano is often little known and, for that reason alone, unappreciated. Strolling through the high street of the Lattari Mountains, take from start to finish the Path of the Gods who from Agerola leads up to Nocelle, with an experienced local guide, or set off through the streets and hidden ladders of the country, it will be an experience unforgettable.


  • Positano Photo Walk

positano_DSC6981One of the sons of Maria, Vito Fusco, is a photographer who works professionally for several years. With him you will live and see with different eyes Positano is that the art of photography in a few hours drive of your choice between three itineraries designed according to the seasons and needs.
Maria and her children will be happy to fulfill your requests. Vito Fusco